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QQbaby Plain Velcro + Button = RM20/pcs

QQbaby Minky Velcro + Button = RM25/pcs

QQbaby Bamboo = RM25/pcs

Coolababy Plain Velcro + Button = RM 20/pcs Coolababy Fleece = RM25/pcs Babyland Plain Velcro + button = RM 20/pcs Babyland Printed = RM 25/pcs ***Setiap SMS/ Email akan dibalas selepas waktu Bekerja. *** Untuk lihat mengikut kategori sila klik pada MENU disebelah kanan anda. ~~ Happy Shooping ~~ :) *****************************************************

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Leg Warmer

LegWarmerfor ur child...Lets grab it!!!..


2pcs = RM22

**DeSiGn ChOicEs**

A: Cars - **SOLD OUT**
B: Red Flowers - SOLD , 1 available
C: Stars - SOLD , 1 available

D: Brown Bear - Sold, 1 available
E: Pink Rabbit - Sold, 1 available
F: Moo - **SOLD OUT**
G: I Love Frog - Sold, 1 available

H: Dark Blue Stripes - **SOLD OUT**
I: Colourful Stripes - **SOLD OUT**
J: Blue Srtipes - **SOLD OUT**
K: Yellow stripes - **SOLD OUT**


2pcs = RM22

L: Brown Polkadot - **SOLD OUT**
M: Colourful Polakadot - **SOLD OUT**
N: Pink Polkadot - Sold, 1 available

O: Red Polkadot - Sold , 1 available
P: Yellow Polkadot - Sold , 1 available
Q: Green Polkadot - **SOLD OUT**
R: Black Polkadot - **SOLD OUT**


2pcs = RM22
(NORMAL PRICE = RM15 -RM55 - same quality and same design)

Masih ade 4pcs yg bercorak I LOVE PIG. (factory salah anta) if sesapa berminat(strictly for non muslim only). Pink color dengan hanya RM10/pcs.