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Baby Kneez - sold out( no more restock )

*****OUT OF STOCKS*****

Memperkenalkan produk baru dari canada untuk penjagaan lutut anak anda.
Sesuai untuk bayi kecil yang baru nak belajar merangkak dan sehingga berumur 4 tahun.
Sila lihat checklist dibawah.

Harga :
(NORMAL : RM70/pcs)

Sky Blue


Powder Pink

Powder Blue





Bright Pink



Baby Kneez™ is padded at the front, with only thin material at the back of the leg for comfort, without bunching. This material is breathable, absorbent, soft and comfortable. It is designed for children ages 0-4 years.

Boleh dipakai semasa
~ semasa berbasikal
~ semasa main mini scooter
~ crawling/merangkak
~ kanak-kanak yang baru nk belajar berjalan
~ kanak-kanak yang aktif bermain. (didalam / diluar rumah)


"I wish that I had known about this product Baby Kneez earlier. My eldest boy developed a cyst filled with joint synovial fluid behind his right knee when he was 2 years old. We were referred to an orthopedic specialist who told us that this was probably due to a torn knee cartilage that resulted from various knee injuries sustained when he was learning to walk and run as a toddler. As the cyst grew bigger and affected his balance, we decided to surgically remove it. The surgery and all the consultations cost us more than $2,000. But this was nothing compared with the pain of seeing my boy undergo GA and surgery at such a young age. We are not taking any chances with his younger 6 month old sister now. She has just started to crawl and we let her wear Baby Kneez all the time. She's happy wearing them, and we feel more reassured as parents that her knees are well-protected even as she learns to take her first steps. I would highly recommend Baby Kneez, especially to parents with active toddlers!
Mdm Yap, mother of 3 children


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